Transportation Engineering Services

OMEGA Transportation Engineering services include:

  • Route, Alignment and Feasibility Studies

  • Construction Documents (PS&E)

  • Traffic Control Planning and Design

  • Route and Roadway Schematics

  • Roadway Design PS&E

  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Studies

  • Storm Drainage System Planning and Design

  • Storm Water Mitigation and Detention Facility Design 

  • Roadway Illumination

Transportation Engineering Services


Harris County Toll Road Authority

Project: Sam Houston Tollway East (SHTE) – Section 4

OMEGA provided design and engineering services for the improvement and widening of Sam Houston Tollway East (SHTE) from north of Red Bluff Road to north of Parkway Green Boulevard. Plans, specifications and estimates were prepared for utility relocations, roadway and drainage facilities, construction phase traffic control, pavement marking and signage, and storm water pollution prevention.

City of Houston

Project: Reconstruction of Harvey Wilson Drive and Armour Drive

Prime consultant for the planning and design of the reconstruction of Armor and Harvey Wilson Drives from Lockwood to Clinton Drive. The approximate construction cost was $10 MM. The project involved the removal of the existing concrete and asphalt pavement structures and the construction of 44-foot and 36-foot wide concrete roadways with at grade rail crossings. The project also included: removal and replacement of the water, sanitary, and storm sewer facilities; relocation of power, gas and telephone utilities; pavement markings and signage plan; and the preparation of detailed traffic control plans. Coordination, approvals and permitting were required from Union Pacific Rail Road, Harris County Flood Control, US Army Corps of Engineers, CenterPoint Energy and AT&T. OMEGA also supervised and coordinated the work of the surveyor, environmental and geotechnical sub-consultants. As part of the project a drainage study was performed to verify and define existing storm water drainage problems, structural flooding, and storm system capacity issues in the service area. The drainage study included development of existing condition HouStorm and hydrodynamic storm water drainage model(s) SWMM of the study area and adjacent areas and storm systems necessary to properly evaluate the system design (2-yr) event and performance during an extreme (100-yr) rainfall event.

Metropolitan Transit Authority

Project: East End Corridor – Light Rail

OMEGA ENGINEERS, INC. served as the Prime Engineering Consultant for the Design-Build of the four-mile East End Corridor Light Rail Transit Line. The project included six platform stations and a Railroad grade separation. In addition to the rail systems the project included the reconstruction of approximately 4 miles of city streets, sidewalks, utility replacements and relocations. As the prime engineering consultant OMEGA provided coordination and supervision of the Surveying, Structural, Geotechnical and Sub-Surface Utility Engineering sub consultants. The construction cost for the project was approximately $350 MM.