OMEGA offers a full range of professional engineering services for planning, drainage impact analysis, engineering design (PS&E), regulatory compliance and permitting, construction administration, research and development. Specialized professional services include water resources planning and engineering, hydrologic and hydraulic studies, master drainage planning, flood insurance studies, Letter of Map Revision requests, watershed impact studies, flood control design, storm drainage design, detention/retention basin design, pump station design, bridge scour studies, storm water pollution prevention plans (SW3P), erosion control systems, and water quality studies. The firm also offers professional design services for civil and structural engineering projects including roadway/highways, water and wastewater treatment, transit facilities, garage and surface parking, infrastructure, utilities, land development and commercial site development.

OMEGA has numerous qualified professional engineers that can handle multiple assignments simultaneously, with a commitment to maintain, meet, and accelerate project schedules. OMEGA presents unique capabilities to perform comprehensive urban toll highway systems planning to be implemented by TxDOT around the State.

OMEGA fills all the requirements of personnel available to serve our clients during the duration of assignments. OMEGA can pursue engineering contracts in the State of Texas and is registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.


OMEGA’s resident project engineers, construction managers and administrative staff are available to perform all tasks associated with any construction projects. Resident Construction Project Managers oversee clients’ interests by avoiding potential complications, including cost over-runs, defaults, defective/nonconforming work, technical or operations failures, and claims and disputes.


OMEGA is fully capable and prepared to perform concurrent design on multiple, significant projects. OMEGA addresses multiple projects and continues to deliver high quality services to our clients consistently and predictably. All key personnel shall be used on these projects and will be 100% available, along with all the firm's resources.


OMEGA was established to serve the special needs of the public sector. Its success in this endeavor accounts for the firm’s rapid growth and ability to retain clients, as demonstrated by the repeated selection of OMEGA by TxDOT, METRO, COH and HCPID for a variety of services. OMEGA is proud of its record to perform on schedule and on budget.


OMEGA will use a well-developed existing quality assurance/quality control program that is an integral part of our existing project management procedures. Our quality control procedures are utilized on every project to respond to the expectations of our client. Our quality program has three underlying principles:

  1. We perform each task with the right people with the right skills.
  2. We assess quality from the customer’s perspective. We work with our clients to determine the quality they expect, and to deliver products and services in line with those expectations.
  3. We will not compromise quality.

OMEGA’s QA/QC program covers:

  • Responsibilities, duties, and authority
  • Scheduling and assigning work
  • Documentation and records
  • Monitoring QA program
  • Procurement and control of technical services
  • Preparation and review of studies and reports
  • Preparation and review of plans and specifications
  • Review of project schedules and controls
  • Review of engineering and construction costs

OMEGA applies Continuous Cost Control during the life of a project. It is a process that is a component of our project management and quality control plans, and spans the full period of planning and design.


Coordination between all project members is driven by clear, written project management that provides detailed objectives, schedules, criteria, and responsibilities to all team members. Regular meetings are conducted by the Project Manager to review the progress against the objectives in the plan, clarify questions and resolve conflicts as they develop.


OMEGA’s commitment to all clients; that no effort will be spared to ensure the successful completion of the projects. We are committed to providing the staff when requested. OMEGA has proven to TxDOT, HCTRA, HCPID, METRO, COH, HCFCD, on past projects, and will always strive to exceed our clients expectations.


Edelmiro Castillo, PE
President – OMEGA Engineers, Inc.